No one enters or leaves without you knowing

Windows & Door Sensors

Secure your home's perimeter easily and affordably with Window and Door Sensors allowing you and your family to rest peacefully knowing you'll be immediately notified of any door or window opening and sounding the alarm when armed.

Fast and Easy Installation

Window and Door Sensors are battery powered, paintable to any color to match your trim. Easily install with included two-way adhesive strips with no tools required.

Knowing who is coming and going is matter of safety and security


You will be notified of any attempts made by intruders to enter you home.

Curious Children

Young children may attempt to open and climb out a window and open doors.


Sensors can also be installed on pet doors too monitor the movement of pets.


Get alerts if loved ones leave the home who may be putting themselves at risk.

Connect Sensor(s)

Pair any number of Window and Door Sensors with either Rettna One or the Smart Bell. Receive in-app alerts and notifications if activated.
Pair with Rettna One
Pair with Smart Bell

Features and Benefits

Window & Door Alert

If a window or door is left ajar a notification will sent to notify users.

Smart & Discreet

White to match most trim and paintable to any color to match your décor.

Easy Installation

No wires, screws requires for easy and fast installation.

Product Specifications


2.36" x 1.81" x 0.47"


2.19 oz or 63 g (without batteries)


Mounts on door and window frames

Power Source

3V Lithium Battery

Operating Temperature

-4F to 122F (-20°C to 50°C)

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