A plug and play doorbell or a one-touch alert button

Smart Button

Looking for a simple doorbell solution? How about a 1-touch alert button to send/receive instant alerts? Perhaps a few Smart Buttons are in order! Connect any number of Smart Buttons to Rettna One or the Smart Bell.

There are several practical applications for a 1-touch Smart Button

Plug & Play Doorbell

When used as a door bell, a chime can be played via the Rettna One with app alert.

Alert Loved Ones

Loved ones are only 1-click away. Rettna One can provide a remote view with two-way voice.

Help on Hand

Sick or disabled family members are just 1-click away to alert an in-home care provider.

Connect Rettna Response

In the event of an emergency, a Smart Button can be used for operator assistance

Connect Smart Button(s)

Pair any number of Smart Buttons with either Rettna One or the Smart Bell. Receive in-app alerts and notifications with a single touch.
When paired with the Rettna One, those with app access can receive both an alert/notification with access to video and two-way voice to provide the best possible in-home remote assistance.

Features and Benefits

Works with Rettna One and Smart Bell

Use with to trigger an action with either Rettna One or Smart Bell.

Easy Installation

Connects to Rettna One of our Smart Bell easily to configure a custom action.

Instant Push Notification

One push and notification sent to your smartphone.

Product Specifications


3.04" x 1.32" x 0.29"

Power Source

3V Lithium Battery

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