From family communications to home security - all in one

Rettna One

Get it all in one device! With a 360° revolving HD camera, place Rettna One out on center stage in your main living and entertainment area. Rettna One serves as a video and security hub with around the clock access.

Just one camera to view your entire space

Enjoy a 156° field of view of any space without the need for multiple cameras- full color day or night.

Communicate with the entire family at one time

The 360° revolving camera with two-way audio allows you to easily talk it up with the whole family.

One device to keep you updated that gets to know your family & friends

Pair devices to Rettna One to protect your family & home

Rettna One has its own built-in security features and also serves as a hub to pair additional hardware including Smart Buttons, Window/Door Sensors and Motion Detectors for added security and convenience.

Avoid false alarms with advanced security features

Standard security cameras are prone to producing false alarms caused by moving shadows and lights. Rettna One features advanced motion detection and facial recognition to identify both familiar and unfamiliar faces.

Secure all your windows & entrance ways

Rettna One allows you to easily secure all your doors and windows. Pair any number of Window/Door Sensors to provide additional security throughout your home.

Add on more security with motion detectors

Pair any number of Motion Detectors to Rettna One to keep any eye on your entrances, hallways, garage and any other spaces not covered with indoor cameras with built-in motion detection.

You're just one click away

Pair any number of Smart Buttons

Rettna One allows you to pair Smart Buttons that can be used for a wide variety of practical purposes. Make it a doorbell with a chime to Rettna One or one-touch alert button to someone in need of assistance.

Capture, Share and Save Family Memories

Even when you are away from home, Rettna One helps you stay connected to the things that matter most. Save pictures and video locally to the device or on the cloud.

One great looking device to suit any decor

The quality construction and matte finished aluminum alloy body makes it easy to fit into any space.

Features and Benefits

156° Wide Angle HD

At a glance get a broad clear view of your space. See more for less with the extra wide HD lens.

360° Camera Panning

Rettna’s 360° swivel head maximizes your view. See more with a lot less peripheral equipment.

HD Color
Night Vision

See full colour and in HD - even in the dark without revealing the location of your system.

Built in 110dB Siren

Scare off unwanted guests, intruders and creatures including mice, rats and raccoons.

2 Way Realtime Audio

Enjoy crystal clear two-way communications between family, friends, guests to pets.

Window & Door Sensors

Your windows and doors are connected to Rettna to alert you or any intruders.

Advanced Motion Sensor

Know who is in your space, be alerted to unrecognized subjects, personalize greetings and more.

Facial Recognition

Know who is in your space, be alerted to unrecognized subjects, personalize greetings and more.

Zoom Lens

Zoom in on the corner of the room or down the hallway with ease. See more with less equipment

Local & Cloud Storage

Record video and voice locally and in the cloud for your records and share with third parties as needed.

Product Specifications


2" x 2" x 6"


12oz (340g)

Operating Temperature

14°F ~ 122°F (-10°C ~ 50°C)



Power Source

DC 5V 2A (Adapter included)


802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (doesn't support 5 GHz), WPA, WPA 2 encryption

Video Resolution

1920 x 1080, 25 FPS, HDR

Advanced Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision w/ 4 IR-LEDs, Color Night Vision


Local: microSD up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately); Cloud: Rolling 30 days


Aluminum Alloy

Weather Resistance



1-year limited warranty



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