If something moves, be the first to know.

Motion Detector

Our battery powered motion detectors are easy to install and serve as a cost effective way to add to your home security system and your peace of mind knowing no corner is left unmonitored.

Where motion detectors are commonly installed


Small and discreet, motion detectors are perfect for monitoring hallways.


From side doors to garage doors, a single detector can monitor multiple entry points.

Entrance Ways

When monitoring your home it is best to protect your front and back doorways.

Private Rooms

Monitor any room in your home they may contain valuables or that largely off limits.

Connect Motion Detector(s)

Pair any number of Motion Detectors with either Rettna One or the Smart Bell. Receive in-app alerts and notifications when any movements are detected.
Pair with Rettna One
Pair with Smart Bell

Features and Benefits

Motion Notification

Get notified when motion is detected inside.

Works with Rettna One and Smart Bell

Works within combination with Rettna One or Smart Door Bell.

Small and Discreet

White to match most trim and paintable to any color to match your décor.

Product Specifications


3" x 2" x 2"


Indoor Use Only

Power Source

3 AAA batteries

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