Wi-fi access for the
Smart Lock or Keypad


The Gateway connects to your Wi-fi network, enabling the operation of a stand alone Smart Lock and/or a Keypad to unlock doors and/or arm and disarm the alarm system.
Note: A Gateway comes with each Smart Lock purchased separately. Gateways are also sold separately to assist in a few other scenarios as outlined below.

Pair Smart Lock to a Gateway

Each Smart Lock, when purchased separately, comes with the Gateway to connect to your Wi-fi to operate the lock remotely using your smartphone and on-site with an optional Keypad.

Pair Keypad to Gateway to control a lock and alarm system

A Gateway is required to connect a Keypad to either Rettna One or Smart Bell to arm/disarm your alarm system for either your entire living space or a defined zone (specific areas of your living space i.e. guest accommodations). Mobile access/control is maintained.

Use a Gateway to improve a connection

The Smart Lock can be paired directly with the Smart Bell without the need for a Gateway. If, however, the devices are more than 10 feet apart, a Gateway is required to support the connection and maintain mobile access.

Features and Benefits

Secure Passcode

Set up a numerical password to keep your controller in safe hands only.

Biometric Fingerprint

Unlock quickly using fingerprint identification

Anti-peek key entry

Allows users to enter random digits before or after passcode entry to prevent passcodes being revealed.

Suspicious Activity notifications

Receive notifications if device tampering is detected.

Product Specifications


1.6" x 4.7" x 0.96"


2.19 oz or 63 g (without batteries)

Power Source

4 AA Batteries

Operating Temperature

-4F to 122F (-20°C to 50°C)

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